Hot Air Balloon Cake!

img_9955Hi friends! Today is my dad’s birthday, and I booked a hot air balloon ride as his gift. I can’t think of a cooler way to enjoy the gorgeous fall colors in Michigan. The only available time that worked for us was actually a week after his birthday, but I wanted to reveal his gift before that. So, I set out to make a hot air balloon cake!

I was on Pinterest all week to plan out this cake.

  • Base cake:
  • Frosting:
  • Cloud Frosting:
  • Balloon Net (just reference, but kind of winged it):


I installed the trees:


Then added sprinkle leaves on the branches and the ground:


Topped it with fluffy clouds:



And landed the balloon!




Apple Streusel Cupcakes with Amaretto Liquor

IMG_1066Hello everyone! This is to prove to Stephanie that even if I do not have as much time as she appears to, the busy consultant that she is, I am still alive and occasionally even feeding myself post-law school. 😉

This weekend, my parents came by in part to celebrate my admission to the bar, and my mother and I baked some apple streusel cupcakes using the fuji apples from our garden. It’s my mother’s recipe so all credit goes to her.

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Fall Cake!

Hi friends! Happy Fall!!!

I made a cake to celebrate.

A fall cake has to have LOTS of spices and such, so I found a beer spice cake recipe for the base which uses cinnamon, allspice, etc. I only had a Guinness on hand, but I would love to try this with a pumpkin beer next time I try the cake recipe. I then paired it with a classic cream cheese frosting.

Beer Spice Cake:

Cream Cheese Frosting:


Fall Cake!

Stay warm, friends!



Hi friends!!! Stephanie here! 🙂

About five months ago I promised Kellie that I would post something once a month. That didn’t quite pan out, but hopefully better late than never? Please?

I’ve cycled through a few obsessions the past few months (fondant, chiffon cakes, pavlovas…), but today I’d like to share about MARZIPAN! It’s fragrant, soft, and SO fun to play with.

The base recipe comes from this lovely blog:

Marzipan hedgehogs!

Here’s how they came out! I smushed them around in poppy seeds and drew in eyes and a nose using a food-grade pen. The poppy seeds provided a really nice contrast in texture. They also traveled really well — all the way to Seattle!

I want to note that I used the Trader Joe’s almond meal for the hedgehogs. This caused the rather endearing speckled brown coloring without any food coloring. If you want to color your marzipan, I highly recommend that you use 1) food gel and 2) almond flour from blanched almonds (Red Mill brand is available in many U.S. grocery stores nowadays).

Here’s one of the original batches of Marzipan:

marzipan fruit

Ok, that’s all from me. Until next month(ish)!


Oh yeah, we have a blog.

We just remembered we’re still friends and have a blog. It took us almost thirty minutes to remember what the password was, but hey, we made it.

Here is a picture of some Baileys cupcakes, filled with Baileys ganache. I don’t see a theme here. And as you can see, we are still somewhat jank.

cupcake 1

Cupcake 2

(Happy St. Pattys! Maybe we’ll use this blog more than once this year, and actually update each other using this.)

Love, Kellie and Steph

Grand Marnier Souffle

Hi there! I (Stephanie) am finally settled back at home. The kitchen here is not jank, but I’m sure I’ll make do here. I’ve been taking special requests from my facebook friends, so today I present to you… the Grand Marnier Souffle!

I’m trying out a recipe from epicurious.  This recipe took a little more work than I expected, but it is Mother’s Day as I am writing this post, and my mom loves souffles.

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