Chocolate Truffles with Red Wine Ganache

For our inaugural post, we made chocolate truffles with red wine ganache, because we believe in the phrase: “go big or go home”. It was clearly not because we had leftover chocolate from our Forever Alone day party (2/14/2012), where we used a chocolate fountain to make us feel better about ourselves. Such is our life. The leftover mixture was 8 parts dark chocolate chips and 1 part vegetable oil. We probably weren’t supposed to use that for the ganache, but we didn’t really care. It worked out anyway. If you didn’t know, just hoping things work out is a common theme in this household (see tagline: “That’ll do”).

We found the recipe for these truffles at Sprinkle Bake’s website. We thought they were uber cute and never dreamed we could make our own hard shells. So we pulled out our brick of leftover chocolate and our silicone ice cube trays (cubed and star-shaped) and had at! This is our version after trying it twice.

This adaptation of the recipes we used makes approximately 12 truffles.
Approximate time: 1 hour 30 min

Chocolate Shells

6oz semi-sweet dark chocolate chips

First, melt the chocolate. We melted the chocolate using our “double boiler”. We don’t have a double boiler, but what we do have is a pan, water, and a mini steamer tray. And that’s all you really need. See exhibit below.

Place the tray in shallow water, let her boil, and then put a bowl with the chocolate on the tray, stirring occasionally to melt evenly. After the water boils, keep the heat on low and remember to add water as it dries out. Keep the chocolate simmering even after you finish painting because you will need it for the top.

Then, using a paintbrush, paint the inside of your ice cube tray. We highly recommend silicone because it is so much easier to push out the truffles when done. Paint along the sides and bottom, freeze the tray for a couple of minutes, and then repeat two more times. Then let it set in the freezer as you make your ganache.

Red Wine Ganache

8oz semi-sweet dark chocolate chips
(2 tbsp vegetable oil – this was in ours because we used recycled chocolate, but you don’t need to include this)
2 tbsp heavy whipping cream
2 1/2 tbsp dry red wine (we used Cabernet Sauvignon)

Chop the chocolate chips and then put them in a regular sized bowl. Then in a pot or pan on low heat, heat the heavy cream until it begins to barely bubble. Pour the heavy cream over the chocolate chips and mix them together until all the chips are melted. Finally, add your red wine. We actually added a little more (about 5 tbsp) because we wanted a stronger wine taste.

At this point, take out the chocolate painted ice cube trays. Pour the ganache into each cube and fill up to a millimeter below the top of the painted sides. Pour the rest of the chocolate onto the tops of all the cubes and then put it in the fridge or the freezer. Let it set for 10 minutes, and voila!

Decorate at your leisure. Our first batch (in the first picture) smeared with some of the extra ganache and sprinkled with white sugar.

Our second batch is decorated with cocoa powder sifted through our tea strainer (yes, we know, but it worked).

— Kellie and Stephanie

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