Easter Eggs

Brace yourselves. Easter is coming!! I was thrilled to find out that I could dye eggs with really common kitchen ingredients! I boiled a few eggs right when I got home from class, and here’s what came of it. Enjoy!

Approximate time: 30 minutes, 15 minutes to dry

Easter Eggs:

  • eggs
  • 1/2 cup water for each color
  • food coloring
  • 1 tsp. vinegar for each color
  • flowers, and soft leaves
  • pantyhose/tights (A pair you won’t miss. You’ll be cutting it up.)
  • rubber bands

Pretty common materials, right?? I asked a friend if she had tights she was willing to part with, and found some flowers in my backyard. I specified that you need soft leaves, because the leaves I used were too stiff to really cling to the egg to leave a nice imprint.

For each color, add 1 tsp. vinegar to 1/2 cup water. Use your elementary school education to mix the colors you want. I would suggest making your dye a little bit darker than your desired color, since the dyes usually come out a bit lighter than expected.

Cut the tights into 5″ tubes (or the foot end). Arrange the flowers in the desired pattern on the egg and wrap the egg and flowers with the tights. You’re using the tights to hold the flowers snugly against the egg. Use the rubber band to close off the ends of the tights tubes. I thought it was helpful to put the eggs halfway into the pouches and slipping the flowers into place. Also, if the flower has a very deep structure, you may need to snip off some of the base so that the flower doesn’t fit as awkwardly on the egg.

Dip the tights-ed eggs into the dye. 1/2 cup isn’t enough to submerge, but you can just take a spoon and pour the dye over the eggs. No need to make more dye than you need right? Turn the eggs around every couple of minutes to let each side soak evenly. Once you’re sure each side has soaked a bit in the dye, proceed to dry the eggs.

Take the eggs out of the dye, dab the eggs with a paper towel. DO NOT TAKE THEM OUT OF THE TIGHTS YET. It won’t make a huge difference, but let the eggs dry with the tights on to make sure your pattern is nice and crisp. Once they’re dry, take the tights and flowers off and pat yourself on the back!!

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