Hi friends!!! Stephanie here! 🙂

About five months ago I promised Kellie that I would post something once a month. That didn’t quite pan out, but hopefully better late than never? Please?

I’ve cycled through a few obsessions the past few months (fondant, chiffon cakes, pavlovas…), but today I’d like to share about MARZIPAN! It’s fragrant, soft, and SO fun to play with.

The base recipe comes from this lovely blog:

Marzipan hedgehogs!

Here’s how they came out! I smushed them around in poppy seeds and drew in eyes and a nose using a food-grade pen. The poppy seeds provided a really nice contrast in texture. They also traveled really well — all the way to Seattle!

I want to note that I used the Trader Joe’s almond meal for the hedgehogs. This caused the rather endearing speckled brown coloring without any food coloring. If you want to color your marzipan, I highly recommend that you use 1) food gel and 2) almond flour from blanched almonds (Red Mill brand is available in many U.S. grocery stores nowadays).

Here’s one of the original batches of Marzipan:

marzipan fruit

Ok, that’s all from me. Until next month(ish)!



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