Urban Dictionary defines “jank” as: adj – broken; … ; bootleg or of questionable quality

This is what our kitchen looks like:

Honestly, we know our kitchen isn’t that bad. “Jank” is more of an affectionate term for its…various quirks. But we have fun anyway.

We are two college students in their last year on campus who live in a house with a “jank” kitchen. Stephanie is a senior Computer Science major extraordinaire. In her free time, she Star Treks and cooks. Kellie is taking a year off before dying at law school. In her free time, she pretends she is not going to die at law school next year and cooks. If it isn’t evident, we LOVE to cook. This semester, we happen to have lots of time and lots of people who need feeding, so we’ve been having waaaay too much fun in our kitchen.

So this is an experiment in two girls playing in the kitchen and hoping to use this to stay in touch and see what the other is cooking after we leave campus. We’ve learned as we’ve cooked together that even though we have limited resources (we are ALL about saving time and money, and sometimes the world), that doesn’t mean we can’t eat well and have fun.

So watch us make do.


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