Bailey’s and Nutella Cheesecake

Hello, all. We know it’s been a while. We’re in the process of moving out and trying to empty out our fridge and cabinets, which surprisingly does not translate to cooking a whole bunch. Sad, because this is our last month in the Jank Kitchen together! We will miss it dearly…or something like that. Still, we managed to whip up something yesterday that turned out AMAZINGLY. Hence, to the blog it goes.

Steph wanted to bake something for a coworker’s birthday yesterday, and our creative thought process went something like this: “Bailey’s cheesecake sounds good. So does Nutella. THE TWO WOULD MAKE DELICIOUSNESS. LET’S DO IT.”

So we did.

After scouring the interwebs, we combined the cheesecake from this recipe and the crust from a recipe at We then looked at our Nutella, and decided marbling needed to happen.

This is what resulted, and is something we’ll definitely make again!

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Kalbi (갈비)

Kalbi (Korean barbecued short ribs) is one of those epic Korean staples that every human needs to try (and subsequently love ;D). This is how my mother makes the marinade, and it’s one of those things I always ask for when I’m home. To me, it’s comfort food at its best and yummiest. Oh, oh, and it’s easy too!

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Jalapeno Grilled Cheese Sandwich

The moment I stumbled onto Closet Cooking, I knew this sandwich needed to be in my life. Grilled cheese sandwiches are easy. Jalapenos are delicious. There was no way this could go wrong.

And it hasn’t. I’ve made this a couple times now and think I’ve got it down. I’ve adapted the recipe to fit what I usually have as well as halved the amount of cheese (I like smaller loaves of bread and ergo make smaller sandwiches), and this is what resulted.

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Pine Nut Porridge (잣 죽)

So my mother used to make pine nut porridge for me when I was sick (and boy, have I been sick this week, I can barely keep anything down D:), so it’s something I always crave whenever I’m not feeling well. Usually I don’t actually have pine nuts on me (unfortunately, they can get pretty expensive), however, I recently bought a whole bag on sale for a couple of dollars. I shall now celebrate by showing you how to make pine nut porridge.

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Apple Walnut Brownies

Over spring break, I endeavored to make apple walnut brownies with my friend, Olga, after having seen the recipe at Beyond Kimchee. It took a few tries and multiple variations of the recipe, but I think I’ve finally got it.

Essentially this recipe makes a thin apple walnut cake that is a moist and delicious, seemingly “healthier” alternative for dessert. I say “seemingly” because this recipe requires quite a bit of butter, but it is SO worth it, for both texture and taste.

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