Oh yeah, we have a blog.

We just remembered we’re still friends and have a blog. It took us almost thirty minutes to remember what the password was, but hey, we made it.

Here is a picture of some Baileys cupcakes, filled with Baileys ganache. I don’t see a theme here. And as you can see, we are still somewhat jank.

cupcake 1

Cupcake 2

(Happy St. Pattys! Maybe we’ll use this blog more than once this year, and actually update each other using this.)

Love, Kellie and Steph


Bailey’s and Nutella Cheesecake

Hello, all. We know it’s been a while. We’re in the process of moving out and trying to empty out our fridge and cabinets, which surprisingly does not translate to cooking a whole bunch. Sad, because this is our last month in the Jank Kitchen together! We will miss it dearly…or something like that. Still, we managed to whip up something yesterday that turned out AMAZINGLY. Hence, to the blog it goes.

Steph wanted to bake something for a coworker’s birthday yesterday, and our creative thought process went something like this: “Bailey’s cheesecake sounds good. So does Nutella. THE TWO WOULD MAKE DELICIOUSNESS. LET’S DO IT.”

So we did.

After scouring the interwebs, we combined the cheesecake from this recipe and the crust from a recipe at bakingbites.com. We then looked at our Nutella, and decided marbling needed to happen.

This is what resulted, and is something we’ll definitely make again!

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Apple Walnut Brownies

Over spring break, I endeavored to make apple walnut brownies with my friend, Olga, after having seen the recipe at Beyond Kimchee. It took a few tries and multiple variations of the recipe, but I think I’ve finally got it.

Essentially this recipe makes a thin apple walnut cake that is a moist and delicious, seemingly “healthier” alternative for dessert. I say “seemingly” because this recipe requires quite a bit of butter, but it is SO worth it, for both texture and taste.

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Spongecake and Entourage – Fruit and Cream, or Chestnut Cream Topping

The spongecake is my mom’s specialty (and the only thing she likes to bake, really). After all the pictures of food experiments from this year, I have finally earned the right to cook in the non-jank kitchen at home! So just last month, I baked with my mom for the first time. In my life. No, I didn’t have those childhood memories of baking with my mother. She’ll have none of that mess, haha.

This recipe tastes similar to the cakes you’ll find in typical Asian bakeries. It’s a very light, fluffy texture, and is not too sweet. This batch makes about 6 cupcakes or a small 8″ circle cake.

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Dark Chocolate Coffee Cookies

A couple of weeks ago, the Rachels came over for baking and video games fun time. As Rachel C played DDR and Kingdom Hearts, Rachel R and I combed through Google with only one objective in mind: TRY AND CHIP AWAY AT THE FOREVER ALONE CHOCOLATE BLOCK OF DOOM (see inaugural post). We stumbled upon this recipe at Annmarie Kostyk Chocolate and to our happy surprise, the cookies turned out SO well. We adapted the recipe a little by cutting the butter due to the oil in the chocolate mixture, and I think it made the cookies just rich enough.

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